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>Shopshot o’ the Day

> …and a Nautical Dublin finished. Final polish, quality control checklist, and photgraphs are next.

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>Stem Restoration Photo Appendix

> Here you cansee the stem as it is nearly completed. We have almost reached the finest grit and we are starting to see a reflection. And here we can see the finished stem. It looks pretty good considering we’ve … Continue reading

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>Stem Restoration Part III

> Here, now, is the third installment of the stem restoration tutorial. The previous two installments detailed a version of a more commonly used method by professional pipe restorers. It is very rare, though, that a collector, and even a … Continue reading

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>Snapshot of the Day

> Here’s a shot from the shop today. I am finishing up the shank cap on this beautifully ring grained blowfish. The cap is made of a new signature wood and has a subtle, but simply outstanding two tone-coloration, lovely … Continue reading

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>The New J. Alan Pipes Online Home!!

> Well, I have to say, that it has been a long time coming. The site has been needing an update for some time now. After months of building different mockups and showing them to folks for review, I finally … Continue reading

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>Stem Restoration Part II

> Apparently blogger has limited the number of photos per post to four. So, I’ll finish up this segment with the tools mentioned in the previous post and handle the other method in a third post. So, we have now … Continue reading

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>A Brief Photo Tutorial on Stem Restoration

> This photo tutorial is as a supplement for those who did attend the Reno Show seminar and for those who were unable to attend. In this tutorial I will deal exclusively with stem restoration and will leave bowl restoration … Continue reading

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>Reno Show Photos

> Well, my apologies are due for the lack of posting for the last few days. The follow-up post never came because, well, we lost internet connectivity toward the middle of the day. We could have renewed our subscription, but … Continue reading

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>First Shots from the Show

>The Reno Show has begun!!The morning’s setup was uneventful, but was filled with reunions which happen to be my favorite part of shows. Pipemakers spend most of their time in their hermitages crafting wares for customers around the world. We’ll … Continue reading

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>The Pre-Show Rush

> Every pipemaker I know experiences this several times every year. The month or so before a show a maker thinks hard about what the show will bring and what he will begin to prepare for it. Inevitably, business calls, … Continue reading

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